John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4
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Well, it’s no longer possible John Wick, it’s always the same thing, it doesn’t say anything and above all it’s absolutely platitude. We have a new big bad guy who comes out of nowhere, John Wick goes to see people we don’t know why (who knows why he goes to Japan?

Not me and at the same time I was already drunk by the film at that time there), the traitor from the previous episode becomes nice (why?), in short while watching John Wick I have the clear impression that I am being taken for an idiot.

This is clearly a film for neon gangers and it’s just that, nothing more. If at a pinch we had a scene like that, why not, but when it’s like that all the time, it just becomes boring, it’s always the same visually.

I have no doubt that the cinematographer, the set designer , even the costume designer had fun. But did they think for a single moment about the spectator forced to punch the face of Keanu Reeves who has never played so badly (and God knows he’s a pitiful actor), a Donnie Yen anti-charismatic as usual and second-rates without an ounce of personality and who we just patiently wait for to die (in a hyper-predictable way at that).

In fact apart from a small idea towards the end where the director shoots a fight in overhead shot, there is no idea of ​​staging in this film, Hotline Miami style.

The dialogues are filmed flatly, the fights are without the slightest flavor, because we have already seen that in previous films, it doesn’t change anything. We even recycle the idea of ​​using a dog from the previous film (but it’s not the same dog, big originality).

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Donnie Yen is blind in the film, one might believe that he is going to make us a Zatoïchi and try to tame space, to attract enemies into dark places where he would have the advantage.

But actually no. Once he uses a gadget to know where the enemies are and otherwise it’s almost as if he can see. What interest ? Well god I hate this actor, he gives off absolutely nothing…

In short, John Wick 4, there is a simple observation to make: it’s long. Nothing happens (oh the camera moves, but the story doesn’t advance one iota), and as soon as something evolves it gets lost in stupid dialogues about a totally stupid and incoherent universe.

Ok in the first film the world of assassins was a bit funny, but now it just goes in circles. And you can always add a bad guy who comes out of nowhere, who wants to piss off John Wick and he’s going to kill everyone… we increase the bounty on his face and boom even more killers who want to kill him and who will serve as fodder for John Wick. It’s just redundant. The film does not offer any new tricks compared to the previous one.

Worse, the whole sequence in Berlin in the nightclub, if we’ve already played Hitman 3, we’ve already seen it… (and it was already happening in Berlin)

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And in fact that’s the problem with the film, the franchise never had anything to say, there were still somewhat enjoyable action scenes, a charismatic character. For a film it works… but to make it a saga? it ends up still saying nothing, wanting to develop a shitty universe for teenagers and making references to video games. Wow, what ambition! Thank you ambitious cinema!!! It’s as distressing as possible.

I watch John Wick 4 and I feel 40 generations insulted. They take me for an idiot… we drag out repetitive fights for tens of minutes, the worst being the one around the triumphal arch, we don’t get anything, it’s completely illegible and not fun for a penny, cars crash into guys, guys steal and do it again between shots fired.

How can we have so little self-respect to defend that?

And when we finally arrive at the Sacré Cœur, after another totally sluggish sequence on the stairs, where it just doesn’t want to stop, it doesn’t want to happen again, we do something totally digital and ugly.

If I wasn’t in a totally lethargic state over this shit, I would have laughed!

It’s sad.

Besides, real question, John Wick can choose the location of the final confrontation, why does he choose the Sacred Heart? He’s having all the trouble in the world to get there.

Couldn’t he have chosen a place closer to his hideout? Does he have too many injuries from being hit?

Well, obviously the bad guy is French and seeing a non-French speaker speak French in any way, what a treat! We’re swimming in complete ridicule.

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And the height of ridicule is: where is the violence? There is almost no blood, no impact of the blows (a guy gets stabbed lots of times by an NPC and nothing… no blood…), I’m totally too lazy to compare the bans on John Wick 4 can be done if it is accessible to more people.

But the result is a total absence of intensity. It’s soft… Put fewer fights and put more intense ones… There the first “action” scene (I even have trouble considering it as such) in the desert, I thought that They were all walking together… and then they exchanged gunshots.

I didn’t understand why they were shooting at each other in the middle of a walk. We will note the great coherence of the film since the bad guys lead John Wick directly to their leader.

The film is so poorly put together that we spend our time wondering: but wait if he helps John Wick, shouldn’t the Table kill him? why doesn’t she kill him? Yet that was what I learned in the previous film.

They just want to string together action sequences and have no idea how to connect them together and I could have been tolerant if they were enjoyable, which is not the case as we have seen. And above all the interludes between the action scenes are much too long. Anyway, everything always takes too long when it’s shit.

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