Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 2023

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 2023
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Sony would be rather fitting with the topic of the day, as the company, within its own universe devoted to the weaver, fact interact slime of its nicknames wicked devices such as Venom and However with the excellence bustling around Miles Morales and deployed in 2018.

Two worlds at the antipodes of the cinema in general and movies of superheroes in particular.

If in 2023, Across the Spider-Verse was expected, the disappointment could be the appointment, so the ambitions threatened to sink the film under its own weight. So he was sure that the effect of the surprise of 2018 was stale, especially because of a multiverse often operated erratically by an MCU to the search for a new breath sustainable since Avengers: Endgame.

And then, casually, the casting directors had also changed.

Except that the miracle has once again taken place. As in 2018, Across the Spider-Verse imposes itself as a new success masterful, but that almost makes you forget about the existence of Spider-Man : New Generation.

For if, in 2018, it was brought to the screen a true melting pot of pop, 2023 breathes life into a furious maelstrom, a creative explosion of colors, emotions, and energy shown by almost all of the art forms and designs. Where Kandinsky, and Warhol alongside, for example, the softness of the drawing of Phil Noto associated with sets of colors by Mike Del Mundo, the time of scene of a confession heartbreaking held in a room as a teenager.

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2023 also supports the same miracle of the surprise that takes everything in its path, even as the themes of the powers and responsibilities of stage remain classic. From the first fight to fly high, held in a museum of modern art in the face of a new interpretation of a Vulture made in Leonard Da Vinci, the viewer exalted abandons its past reluctance, defeated by as much kinetic energy and inventiveness flooding the screen.

While the vista from the duo Lord / Miller incarnates again, first by making a naughty ridiculous third area, a fucking antagonist would be overkill. Then giving a new face to the success of The Great Lego Adventure, surfing so meta on the archetypes of the construction of the heroes of comics, bringing the leading figures of the adventure to be aware of their own writing and mythology.

Heroes evolve as a duo, Miles abandoning quickly his frivolous side, while the viewer again falls immediately under the spell of Gwen in the air, but deeply torn by the issues of the plot unfolded.

Again, the couple works thunder in its evolution in reverse, to go from love to melancholy, a smile to tears, while printing in the eye of the one who has paid his / her place of images, while also renewed powerful familiar kiss reversed imaged by Sam Raimi in 2002.

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Emotions abound in the heart, just as, on the screen, the styles will be called, and the power and the depth of the stage, the kinetics film delirious, the elation of aerial acrobatics, or an aspect cartoon of a vivacity so breathtaking that it approaches a sensation of dizziness simply invigorating.

Across the Spider-Verse is the best response to the prognosis of grumpy and eternal embittered, who do not cease to call their wishes the death of the super-hero movie: indeed, the genre has enough energy, emotions, and thinking for the last twenty years in the hands of such geniuses.

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